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Here's what you get.

In-App Gamification.

Make your learning programs fun to use.
Users can compete, win points & gain custom rewards, which makes the whole learning experience seem like a game.

Drag-and-Drop UI.

Create state-of-the-art learning programs easily. Implement business processes, logic, and reporting in a click.

Mobile Made Easy.

Create appealing mobile learning experiences with remote-friendly data synchronization, native device access, and on-device business logic.

Enterprise-Grade Security.

Simulus is built from the ground-up to ensure your platform is 100% secure, from design time through deployment & operations.

Customized Reporting.

Build customised reports & analytics in a snap. Accessible to department managers so they can track progress of their department. Download to Excel with a click of a button.

All Media Supported.

Stop wasting weeks & thousands of Euros to produce learning content. Now your learning content can be literally anything — PDF, PPT, text, picture, video, and more.

Learning Management System & Internal Social Network in ONE.

If your people know how to use Facebook, they will know how to use our platform. Take a look.

That's cool.
But what else do I get?

Internal Social Network

Imagine Facebook & Instagram having a baby. Which is all yours. And equally addictive to its users.

Powerful Internal Ecosystem

Connect news, updates, notifications, social, and learning. You can now finally have it all.

Mentoring Made Easy

Your Mentors & Coaches can engage with their mentees via chat or video calls. They can easily track their progress as well.

Group Learning Is the Future

Collaborative Learning is the most effective & fun way of upskilling your staff. Organise everyone into learning groups, so they can engage both with their mentors & each other.

Simplified Onboarding Process

Create a fully automated onboarding experience for new hires.

Everybody Needs Feedback

Improve. Adapt. Overcome. And excel. That's the power of feedback. Now you have a proven tool to support & elevate your people.

Find Out What They Think

Whether it's exploring a corporate culture, or people's opinions, surveys help you decide on your next move. Making them fun & engaging leaves no room for mistakes.

Make It Rewarding

Link benefits with learning. Rewarding your staff for engaging in education & your internal ecosystem encourages them to put your platform to work.

Don’t take our word for it.

Check out what people who use our platform EVERY DAY have to say.

Our new Learning Management System changed the learning perspective of the whole organization. This modern, secure and customer friendly development system enables smooth fulfilment of our training needs. Besides providing us with the technical tool, Simulus also plays an outstanding role in creating up-to-date and attractive learning content.

Iva Lopac Butorac

L&D Manager, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank

The learning platform Simulus has set up for us is part of the development journey of MOL Group’s top talent program LEAD. The platform has all functionalities one can dream of, plus looks more than fancy. Once you start using it, you get hooked. We received a lot of good advice and education from Simulus, and prompt reaction to all our requests. Sheer joy to partner with them!

Gönczi-Nagy Judit

Group Leadership and Talent Development, MOL Group

Made by Educators for Educators.

Comfort Zone
For more than 10 years we’ve been providing online & offline education, consulting, tools, and support to solve unique problems of dozens of Medium to Large Enterprise Companies. During this period, we tried numerous Learning Management Systems.
And when I say numerous, I mean NUMEROUS.
For years we have wrestled with delivering SCORM and HTML5 files to our clients, avoided using apps on mobile phones & tablets, and paid expensive developers to code the reports we needed.
But even with all the duct-tape workarounds we used, the employee experience suffered.
Slowly we became obsessed with finding the right tools to provide the smoothest learning experience.
One people actually enjoy using.
But whatever we tried, felt like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. We knew that the enterprises we worked with needed a customised, secure, and easy-to-use Learning Management System, but we simply couldn’t find the one that works.
We became desperate.
And as you already know, desperate times call for desperate measures. So we decided to roll up our sleeves, and dug through the coding graveyards in search for the right parts. We became the Frankenstein of Learning Management Systems, creating our very own monster, by stitching the best parts of other systems together.
And that’s how our platform was born. Our powerful little baby Frankenstein. And we love him. Her. Whichever.

Learning & Development built for 2024.

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Make learning across your whole enterprise FUN & EASY.
Meet your Learning & Development Targets.
Increase your People Satisfaction & Engagement.
Boost your Employer Brand.
Build a Company Culture other will envy.

Still Having Doubts?

OK, let’s do this.

Da. Prevedena je na “naški”. 🙂

Also, other EU languages are either fully supported or easily translatable during implementation.

In short – YES!
We are ISO27001 and ISO27017 certified, so your data is as secure as possible.
Also, part of the implementation project is a penetration test that we provide with our security partners.  
We take this VERY seriously.
And, yes, we do know how to convince your IT guys of t his as well. 🙂

Our platform is fully GDPR compliant and we have all the necessary contract templates to ensure GDPR compliance with minimal effort from your legal team. All the data is stored in data centers within the EU.

Any device that has an internet browser will work. Chrome, Edge and Safari are fully supported.

If you use our cloud service (which we recommend you do) then is it can be reached from anywhere. If you decide to implement the platform internally, then it is subject to your internal security rules and procedures. 

Absolutely! You can import your existing materials and it will function just fine. Reporting as well. 

Of course. We are not selling you a closed app, but a flexible white label solution that will be fully tailored to your needs and in line with your brand and corporate guidelines.

But wait, I have a problem.
I have no idea how to create quality content and engage my audience.

No worries, we got you covered.

1 +
Materials Produced

We successfully designed & produced 1000+ Educational Programs, Materials, and Learning Videos. Check out these examples.

So, if you want to build powerful learning content, win & retain people’s attention, and have them focused like they are watching their favourite Youtuber…

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